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It’s a human instinct to do what you think is the best, hence whatever your actions are, your mind tends to think that they are the best as per the situation at hand. But what we often neglect is how others perceive it. We are so blinded by our actions that we forget the reality, and we overlook the small wrongs that we are doing.

You must have often came across situations or heard of such incidences where the manager or the head of department thinks that everything under him is perfectly fine, the people working under him are happy and the work he delivers is of the best quality, whereas in reality if you go and ask those assistant directors or workers, you get to know the real picture as to how they can’t say anything in front of their boss, but whatever is happening is not up to the standards.

Often, infact in 90% of the cases, a person does not accept that his performance is bad. They find out excuses or try explaining you the circumstances, but never quite internalize the fact that the work they deliver is actually not up to the mark. What we need to realize is that this world is not made up off only 1 mindset, rather it is consists of a million different mindsets who view the situation differently. And one particular scenario has various outlooks; some outlooks may not be important but will be to the others and vice versa.

Let’s take an example of a project. Say you are the manager of an advertising company with a team of 10 individuals working under you. Now your job is to deliver a very flashy, energetic advertisement for your client. You do the work with full zeal and zest, you cross check every bit of it and come up with a final add that you think would be a super hit! But what happens instead is the complete opposite. Now see, what could have gone wrong.

  1. It might not be up to the ethical standards of that population
  2. It was very confusing to understand
  3. It had too much information delivered all at the same time
  4. Or simply that the people could not connect to the message being delivered

So now you see all these things are very small, to you they might not even be important, but to the majority they were and this could have easily been corrected if you took a second opinion from someone else who might have critically judged and told you.

See, when you are working on something, you might overlook small loop holes because you know how much effort went into completing it, but sadly everyone won’t do that. They would judge and criticize your work for those small loop holes instead of appreciating the whole thing. So it’s always good to go for a second opinion from someone to exactly know where you stand and what you lack. This way you may correct your work before presenting it to the mass

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