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Technology has taken over almost anything now, from offices to hospitals, roads and even our homes. It makes our life easy and more simplified. Some might argue that it has done so much bad, made us anti-social, less creative etc, but think of it once, it’s actually the misuse that is resulting in all this.

Like the entrées that I can make nowadays, Thai, Lebanese, Mexican and many more, I would have never been able to reach that flavor if it was not for the internet tutorials. Or those security cameras in your house that allow you to monitor your kids in the other room while just easily sitting and watching television, you think you could have ever done that without technology? Well, no!

Technology was made so that humans can focus more on big tasks that require brains. Technology was meant to assist your everyday tasks so that you had more time to invest in what’s important and bring in more innovations.

Let’s talk about a big business setup. Imagine the office without technology, no computers, no printers, no photocopiers, no projectors, oh and no cell phones! What would you do? Write that proposal in ink a 100 times so that each employee had a copy? Or calculate daily budgets, which just by the way are in millions, by hand? Or getting up from your seat every 2 seconds to deliver an important message to a co-worker or to call the help staff. How would that day be like, a complete waste I would say!

Technology here solves all our problems, be it the smart computers that get your work done to the fast internet that transfers messages within seconds throughout the world, to the security check that scans your card every day, technology has everything sorted and on the streamline. It provides you time to actually think of more important stuff like the working and progress of yourself and the company as a whole.

Not only does technology saves up your time but it also reduces the number of employees for a company. A scanner outside every building can save up on having security check gaurds outside every door. Or imagine the amount of riders required if you had to deliver a document to the other office or even o the next building.

So having technology is good both for the company and the employee. It saves up on their time and money, providing them greater mind peace and time to think on their ongoing task and give in their 100%. An occupied mind may not perform as good as a relaxed free mind, your diversion makes you lose creativity, and here is when the technology comes to the rescue. You don’t need to worry about the small things during the project, neither do you have to worry about future tasks like making copies, delivering etc, it’s all under control with the technology. All you have to do is focus on the task and provide the best you can utilizing all those facilities around you.

North Services can advise you on how to make the most of new technology in your business, contact us to find out more.

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